About Data&Story Studio


We are here with a humble hope to construct a beautiful and powerful narrative. Trusting in the power of technology, we wish to leverage it to reconstruct the world it used to disrupt.

Based on what we’ve tried before and all the eureka moments on the way, I think this simple idea could work in these ways:

1. Objectfied

Where elegant thoughts are presented and hope this will connect you and me, as well as the world.

2. TEDxFactory798

Curating the flagship TEDxFactory798 event annually and continuously supporting other TEDx events in China.

3. Soulful Data

Research in the future of storytelling in multiple ways, including data visualization, data-driven narrative, and how to combine with humanity.

4. D&S Curation

Bringing the idea of internet and technology in art exhibition and developing the story told by the creatives; Developing cross-disciplinary contents for events, conferences, and festivals.